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Vestibular rehabilitation physiotherapy courses

Vestibular rehabilitation is becoming more widely recognised and more services are providing this through both NHS and private routes.  This is important to ensure patients can access the required treatment conveniently and promptly. 

Most of the education in vestibular rehabilitation occurs after qualifying, as academic programs have ever increasing topic demands and time limitations.  I believe it is important to create an open learning environment and allow colleagues to be able to easily access professional development opportunities and support. 

VESTIBULAR REHAB PHYSIO has been providing external teaching on vestibular rehabilitation since 2011 and internal education and support since 2007.  This has predominantly been to physiotherapists but has also been as part of the faculty presenting on the internationally renowned multi-disciplinary Queen Square dizziness course and at medical conferences. 

A variety of topics have been presented and can be tailored fully to the required learning needs.  Sessions can last hours to several days, depending on the developed program.  A mix of theory, practical and video clips are used, and the teaching is evidence-based with comprehensive handouts and reference lists provided. 

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